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Beef 2018 Trade Fair

CPMG invited Dr Wayne Vogler to present at the BEEF WEEK TRADE FAIR 2018 in Rockhampton. His session was well received with over 100 people attending.


Dr Wayne Vogler is Senior Weed Scientist with Biosecurity Queensland at the Tropical Weed Research Centre, Charters Towers.  Wayne has more than 20 years research experience into the ecology and management of invasive weeds.


He has conducted research into the ecology and management of herbaceous, woody and grass weeds in extensive grazing systems in Queensland since 1996.  He has work on serious weeds of the grazing industry including rubber vine, bellyache bush, parthenium and Navua sedge. Most recently Wayne has done extensive ecology and control research for prickly acacia management in western Queensland, where he has defined the duration of gut passage for prickly acacia seeds, tested and gained approval for the use of agricultural misters and aerial spot herbicide application techniques.


Wayne has a particular interest in invasive grass management and has done extensive research into the ecology and management of giant rats tail grass and grader grass and is recognised as an expert in the management of these species.

King and Queen of CQ Big Boar Competition

CPMG support and sponsor the King and Queen of CQ Big Boar Competition held yearly. See logo above.


The Statistics of wild pigs caught at the 2018 competition were staggering and highlight how important this competition is in the eradication of feral pigs throughout Central Queensland. Through this group, CPMG together with Dr Padraig Strappe, CQ University will conduct a Feral Pig Pathogen Detection Project this year by taking blood samples from 50 captured pigs and testing for Leptospira, Brucella suis and Streptococcus suis.


Statistics from the 2018 competition:


Men’s Largest Boar

    1. 138.9kg boar
    2. 115.4kg boar
    3. 110.5kg boar


Ladies Largest Boar

    1. 110.7kg boar
    2. 88.8kg boar
    3. 87.1kg boar


Juniors Largest Boar

    1. 111.8kg boar
    2. 83.2kg boar
    3. 77.8kg boar


Largest Combined Tusks – 181mm


Men’s Largest Sow

    1. 102.2KG Sow


Ladies Largest Sow

    1. 100.2kg Sow


Largest Wild Dog Caught

    1. 1810mm


Total Number of Dog Scalps

    1. 90 scalps
Beef Table

CPMG African Love Grass Demonstration

CPMG have an African Love Grass Demonstration Site in the Biloela Region.

January 2018 – The African Love Grass Trial will continue for three years. Recently, they experienced 70 mm of rain, and 40 mm of rain had fallen directly on it. One tonne of Urea and one tonne of DAP has been applied. It has shot leaf in parts and the cattle are feeding off it. The intension is to spread a half tonne of DAP before June.


The idea is to use a small amount of Roundup to knock the top of the Love Grass down to reduce the competition from the 100% Lovegrass to allow native grass and legumes to grow.


The belief is it will kill the top and knock it down, then it will seed and softer grass will shoot and the cattle will eat it. There are two types of Love Grass, African is the toughest of the two.


October 2018 – John Reeve, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries states the aim of the project is to reduce competition from the African Love Grass so native species can compete. CPMG is on the front foot of trialling this technique and six years ahead of the industry in this area. Two levels of fertiliser have been applied on separate paddocks and the aim is to make it palatable to cattle. This was applied in December 2018.


14 February 2019 – CPMG inspected the results of the African Love Grass Trails on site in Biloela and were delighted with the results of a more palatable grass for cattle to consume. The trial continues. The Roundup top up demonstration site hasn’t commenced due to lack of rain.

Photo: CPMG Committee Members and Regional Pest Management Officers inspecting paddocks on 14 Feb 2019.

Photo: First Stage Photos from 20 December 2017 – current

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We are a not-for-profit organisation supported by Local Government funding to continue delivering contemporary pest management solutions to the region.

Our membership includes; Rockhampton Regional Council, Banana Shire Council, Gladstone Regional Council, Gladstone Area Water Board and the Fitzroy Basin Association.

  • Pest Management

    We specialise in pest animal management within the Capricornia Region. We aim to reduce the impact of pests using contemporary methods and innovative strategies.

  • Weed Control

    Capricorn Pest Management Group engages with landholders to ensure the most cost-effective, safe and appropriate weed management strategy is implemented to address infestations.

  • Washdown Facilities

    CPMG has a number of washdown facilities located throughout Capricornia. This is an important tool used to assist with managing the spread of weeds.