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Capricorn Pest Management Group

Established in 1999, Capricorn Pest Management Group (CPMG) aims to provide a coordinated approach to weed and pest animal management in the Capricorn region of Central Queensland.

The impact of pests in our region is significant, and manifests in social, economic and environmental detriment across the Fitzroy River Basin. Pest management remains a priority for the region and is addressed with care and skilled practice through CPMG.

We actively engage and work with Local Government authorities within the Capricorn region, Queensland Government agencies, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Gladstone Area Water Board, Landcare, Central Queensland Forest Association, industry and primary producer groups to develop and implement innovative and best practice strategies and protocols for pest management.

CPMG, in collaboration with natural resource management bodies, aims to reduce the impacts of weeds and pest animals using contemporary methods and innovative strategies wherever possible.

We are funded by annual memberships and by special project funding.

We utilise the resources and strategies of the Weeds of National Significance program and work in parallel and compliance with the Biosecurity Queensland Bill.

Our vision is to be regarded as the foremost authority on pest management in Central Queensland, addressing pest management priorities and establishing innovative strategies and protocols for regional pest management.

Pests have the capacity to impact on our future – it is our intention to remove the potential negative impact of pests from Central Queensland. CPMG’s cooperative and holistic management is fundamental to achieving its goal of reducing these impacts.

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